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360+ ExVRience

Limit is the horizon and we create 360 degree surroundings until you hit that horizontal limit. 


How we do it:

We produce 360-degree recordings so you can offer a total vivid experience. You can create a story, propose a game or appeal to your client's feelings on account of an encompassing picture. And then, we deal with everything, from delivering the 360 video to scanning the most appropriate gadgets for your communicational activity. 


For example, with these recordings you will have the option to visit historical centers, shows, special structures or urban areas alongside additional data to improve your experience. Or you can apply this 360 plus experience to education. Vivid Virtual Reality is an opportunity to give this experience in an entertaining way and without leaving the classroom. Instructive games, virtual visits, work reenactment, and so on

VR Headset

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